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By Howard B. Herskowitz

Aaron Herskowitz is a 5’2″ Jewish Czechoslovakian soldier who is brutally forced into slave labor to serve the Nazi army and their Hungarian fascist allies along the Russian front during World War II. He escapes to join the Russian army, for whom he becomes a hero and who reward him by installing him as ruler of a conquered Nazi town with virtually unlimited power. Along his journey, he saves the lives of countless thousands of Jewish slaves from certain death under Nazi tyranny.

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Howard B. Herskowitz, Attorney At Law

Howard Herskowitz’s upbringing by two survivors of the Holocaust, and especially inspired by the heroic legacy of his father, Mr. Herskowitz has fostered a career as a lawyer fighting for the rights of oppressed victims, often the underdogs, against vastly superior adversaries in numbers and resources. He vigorously prosecutes the cause of his clients in court to obtain the justice they deserve.